1 Million Simple Arguments That Will Change How You Look At Israel

There are are lots of video that relate to Israel, and claim to show different sides of the conflict. Those videos all show different things. This video is different. It focuses on a central part of the conflict, that of the arabs inability to acknowledge Jewish right to live in Israel. The Jewish right to living in Israel is of divine origin – promised by God, and mandated by mankind by UN resolutions and Israel’s natural right by winning wars. Firstly, the Jews were promised the land of Israel by God. This is seen in Genesis. Secondly, Jews were allowed to live in Israel by the UN, when the UN agreed to let Jews and arabs have rule over land in Israel (and arabs declined). Thirdly, Jews have won wars over Israel. In traditional wars, the winner keeps what was won in the war. Jews defended Israel against Arab invading armies, and so as victor, should be able to keep Israel. If someone disagrees with this, then to be consistent, they would have to disagree with every instance where the victor kept the spoils of war. If they are not consistent and just pick on the case of the Jews, that would be treating the Jew worse than other peoples, arguably called racism.

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