A desperate message to the Jews of Europe

This isn’t pleasant to hear, but it needs to be said. Jews in Europe have gotten accustomed to living in

fear. Not able to fully express their Jewish identity. Have been victims of anti-Semitic verbal attacks

and murders. Yet, they have gotten accustomed to the situation. But why should they continue to live in

fear, having to hide their Jewish identity? They have a home. That home is Israel. It’s the biblical

home of our ancestors. The land of the Torah. A place where a Jew can eat kosher, not work on Shabbat,

and wear a kippah in public and be totally normal. A place where Judaism is not kept hidden, but

celebrated. Every year at the conclusion of the Passover Seder, we say “leshana haba be’yerushalayim”

– “Next year in Jerusalem”. From slavery of Egypt to freedom to be a Jew. Let that happen in the Jewish

homeland. Let it not simply be a phase, but a reality. Next year in Jerusalem!

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