A Drone Flew Over Auschwitz, What It Captured Will Chill You To The Bone

Auschwitz was a concentration camp used for the systematic mass murder of innocent people during

World War Two. It was located in Nazi-annexed Poland. Every day thousands of people were herded

into cramped cattle cars, with no room to move and only a bucket for a toilet, and taken to

Auschwitz. At least 1.1 million people were killed there, of which more than 900,000 were Jews. The

remainder were Poles, political prisoners, Jehovah witnesses, and others. The prisoners were forced

to go into gas chambers. These chambers were designed to appear as showers. Yet as people would go

inside, the doors would lock shut and the lethal Zyklon B gas was pumped inside. Victims clawed at

the cement walls, but there was no escape. Afterwards, the bodies were incinerated in the massive

crematoria. Other prisoners were sent to forced labor, and killed for no reason while working or

‘died’ due to disease, starvation, or beatings. Auschwitz remains a sign of how low humanity can

sink, as Nazis and their collaborators systematically murdered so many human beings.

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