A US Army Chaplain takes matters into his own hands to save two Holocaust Survivors

The Holocaust was a horrible tragic event, killing 6 million Jews and traumatizing everyone who survived.

A Jewish couple had survived the Holocaust, and had one son.

If anything were to happen to him, it would cause a huge shock to them and that would perhaps lead to a heart attack.

So when their son was enlisted in the US army, and was later reassigned to Korea to fight in the Korean war, it is understandable that the son was worried about his parents’ welfare.

The son, on Shabbat morning, went to see the rabbi.

When the rabbi heard that the son was to be shipped off for war, he realized right away the danger this posed for his parents.

As such, he went to go speak with the commander.

The commander was located a good seven miles away, and since it was Shabbat, the rabbi didn’t drive, but walked the full distance.

Then he faced the commander, and asked for help regarding the soldier. The commander at first denied the request.

But when he saw that the rabbi walked 7 miles to get there, he had a change of heart and reassigned him to a post where he could

still contribute to the army yet give his parents peace of mind.

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