Alan Dershowitz shut down Israel-haters everywhere with this bombshell speech

Anti-Semites are so focused on spewing hate about Israel that they are willing to let people does for it.

You see, since World War Two ended, the United Nations has largely focused on blaming Israel for every

possible real or imagined problem it can conceive. Yet morality states that the United Nations first address

the biggest human rights abusers in order to help the most people. Instead, the United Nations focuses on

bashing Israel. As such, the United Nations has missed out on many opportunities to help people in great

danger around the world. People caught in civil wars. Groups targeted for genocide. People who suffered

from mass attacks. Can you estimate how many people have been killed because the United Nations was

focusing its attention on Israel, instead of actually helping people? Alan Dershowitz says it is in the

range of six million. All these people were killed because instead of the UN getting involved, they were

more concerned with Israel.

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