An Israeli professor just went on Al Jazeera and silenced the entire Arab World

Dr. Mordechai Keidar doesn’t need to hold back any punches when speaking with Arabic spokesman. He speaks their language and understands their culture and always goes on the offensive.

His knockout punch of pointing out that most Arabs in the Middle East would move to Israel if Israel would open it’s gates to them is a very powerful argument.

It needs to be repeated over and over again. Israel’s medical system keeps Arabs living longer than anywhere in the Middle East. Israel’s national insurance program takes care of Arabs who are less fortunate and need national assistance.

Israel’s democratic character allows Arabs to be represented in it’s Parliament.

All of these are things that all of Israel’s neighboring Arab countries don’t come anywhere close to offering it’s residents.

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This is what happened last time (2008) Mordechai Kedar was invited on to Al Jazeera Arabic:

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