Are You Serious?! Bill Gates Said That About Israel?

Bill Gates is a genius. Co-founder of Microsoft, he is also a shrewd businessman and has arguably made an enormous impact on the world of technology, and the world in general.

Bill Gates donates to many causes. Microsoft launched Windows in 1985, and Bill Gates has been known as a software developer. And so, it is very interesting to hear what this man, with all his accomplishments, thinks about Israel.

Israel has developed a reputation as being a technological powerhouse. And that description is well-earned.

Israeli society promotes thinking and development.

There are many Israeli companies that are listed on the stock exchange. And Israel has been forced to be innovative, as the popular saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

So, what does Bill Gates – an American tech leader, think about Israeli technology? He thinks Israelis are doing a great job. And the reason is because Israelis in fact are very successful in technological achievements. They deserve a lot of praise.

Bill Gates is ready to acknowledge Israel’s advances. When will other people?

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