BBC News reporter WISHED he kept his mouth shut after an interview with Tzipi Hotovely

Tzipi Hotovely, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, really knew what to respond to this accusing BBC reporter.

The BBC reporter is completely bias in his questions. He doesn’t even care about the facts or what’s actually happening. He just accuses Israel and says how the “Palestinians” say Israel is trying to take over the Temple Mount and that it has been run successfully by Jordan for the last 50 years. His tone of voice CLEARLY sides with the TERRORISTS.

In a calm and poised manner, Hotovely is able to shut down this reporter. The “Palestinians” are carrying out terrorist attacks on the TEMPLE MOUNT! What is Israel supposed to do? Sit back and let Jews, Christians, Druze, Muslims, and tourists be killed? Any democratic country would do exactly what Israel is doing – try to make the holiest place safe for ALL people.

Somehow when it comes to Israel, the world closes its eyes to what’s actually happening.

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