Ben Shapiro explains Hanukkah simply and perfectly

How much do you know about Chanukah? Dreidels, latkes, and music… how about some real history? Ben Shapiro presents the facts that are vital to the holiday, the historical background and politics of the time. Starting with Antiouchus III, and his successor Antiochus IV, Ben explain the political situation. The High Priest wanted to maintain Judiasm, and so he was replaced by Jason, loyal to Antiochus. The Greeks forbid Torah study, Sabbath observance, ritual circumcision, and many Jews became Hellenized. The Greeks destroyed the Temple and a war erupted. A group of Jews, led by members of the Hashmonaim family, gathered together to defend against the Greeks, They were few in number and not as skilled as the Greek armies, yet they defended themselves and won battles, even reclaiming the Temple in Jerusalem and rededicating the Temple. All of the pure oil was ruined except for one jug. Jewish tradition says that the quantity was sufficient to last for one day, yet a miracle took place and it lasted for eight days. And so we celebrate Chanukah today to recall that miracle, the oil that lasted 8 days and shining the light of Torah for Jews to continue living with Jewish ideals and spirituality.

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