Ben Shapiro TEARS DOWN the two-state solution for good

There is very good reason to compromise in almost all situations where 2 parties have a dispute.

However, the 2 state solution in the Middle East – which sounds like such a logical compromise – is actually simply a capitulation to terror.

When only one side is willing to compromise and the other side is not even to discuss the idea of compromise, so you are not dealing with a compromise.

The two state solution is simply one side giving the other side what it demands – with terror threats to back up it’s demands.

With these kinds of people, the art of the deal that needs to be performed is to NOT compromise.

This is deemed as weakness and weakness breeds more demands that are backed up with terror and yet more demands.

The only true solution to the real problem – which is not a real estate problem, but a terror problem – is to root out the terror by kicking out the perpetrators and adding enough incentives to whatever moderates one can find in order to prop up any moderate voices who will also fight radicals from the Arab side.

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