Bibi Netanyahu just showed us how to make Iranian ministers eat the lies they spew

Once again Iranian leaders have attacked humanity. They arrested Christians, merely for being Christians.

Yet the irony is that publicly, they pretend to be good, fair Muslim leaders and wish everyone a “Merry


But behind closed doors, they arrest Christians. What utter hypocrisy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is standing up for those victims.

He is standing up to Iran. After years of the world giving in to Iran, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been the one constant voice of morality against evil.

Human rights in Iran are abysmal. A few years ago, six Iranians were arrested for dancing to the song “Happy.”

There is no freedom of the press, and political freedom is a joke. Iranian leaders want to kill Jews.

They imprison Christians. And they deny their own citizens basic human rights.

The Iran terror regime has got to go!

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