Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity

Do you think that Islam is like other religions?

Bill Maher just destroyed that myth. Using established facts, he proved it.

Bill Maher explained:

Fact 1: Over eighty percent of Egypt stated that stoning to death is an appropriate punishment for adultery.

Fact 2: In Islam, women are treated as second-class citizens. Their testimony is not believed like a man’s and they cannot go in public like a man.

Fact 3: In Islam, a commonly held belief is that a person should be killed for drawing a picture of Jesus.

In America, a woman’s testimony in court is believed. And she can go out in public. And people can craw pictures of Moses or Jesus or whoever they want.

In Islam, it is common belief that a person can be killed for converting out of Islam.

This is not commonly believed about Christianity.

Bill Maher’s arguments are compelling.

Yet where does this leave us. Is there any hope?

There needs to be, because the picture he paints is not looking good.

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