Briggite Gabriel breaks down how you can save lives this Holiday season

The Radical Islamic group ISIS has just published pictures of potential targets for the next major terror attack on US soil, and included in that list was Times Square.

Considering Islamic extremist terrorist acts in the past, we should take this threat seriously and be prepared for anything.

Brigitte Gabriel, raised in Lebanon and with first-hand experience dealing with Islamic extremist threats, suggests important ways for the American citizen to be aware.

Here are some of her tips: First, unusual clothing.

If a person is wearing a heavy coat in the summer, it may be that they are hiding something underneath.

Secondly, be aware of unattended baggage.

It may simply be a forgotten bag, or it may be filled with explosives, left somewhere purposely to explode.

Third, suspicious activity.

Do you see people taking pictures of side doors of buildings? Are they tourists? Why are they taking the pictures of the side doors?

And what should you do?

Here is the answer: Do not take any action whatsoever except to alert the authorities.

The police are trained to respond to such cases, and civilians should not take the law into their own hands.

But let’s hope ISIS is stopped before they are able to inspire or launch more attacks on US soil.

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