Brilliant idea on how we should actually be responding to Islamic terror

This green beret medic lived years with arabs, and has trained their fighters and treated them

when they got hurt. He is uniquely qualified to share his thoughts on how to stop Islamic terrorism.

When a terror attack strikes at home, we tend to mourn, share hugs and emojies, he says, but what

happens to the Islamic terrorists? They go to jail. In the USA. But there is nothing deterring

other Islamic terrorists from carrying out attacks. And here is his brilliant idea: to move convicted

terrorists out of the United States. This would deter other terrorists from carrying out attacks.

And with our lives at stake against a very real and proven threat, we need to be prepared to do so.

He is not advocating action against innocent people, only against convicted terrorists. Do you

think this idea will help America be safer? Is it the right thing to do?

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