Canadians being “strapped” with obligation to help ISIS supporting citizens

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Something is very wrong in Canada. The days of Prime Minister Harper are long gone. PM Harper was a world leader who understood that there is good and evil in this world, and the only way to protect Canadians is by standing up for good and standing strong against evil.

Yet, the Trudeau government is doing the exact opposite, seriously endangering Canadian citizens.

Well, this is one of the strangest things ever heard. A Canadian woman traveled abroad to marry a terrorist.

Yet, Canada is using resources to bring her home.

Can she be charged with a crime? Can she be arrested? On what grounds?

This lawyer explains what is happening and on what grounds she can expect to face charges.

The question that remains is, how can Canada stop this from happening again?

How can it deter women from wanting to travel to terrorists to marry them? How can Canada stop this from happening?

This is just the latest, of many new policies, by PM Trudeau, where he prefers to use empathy and compassion with the worst of the worst.

NO, you don’t repatriate a Canadian citizen who decided, with her own free will, to join the worst genocidal organization of the 21st century!

Life is about taking responsibility and consequences.

That means that when one makes a bad decision, like joining an organization that murders innocent civilians in cold blood, then they must pay a price for that decision.

Allowing women to come back into the country who joined ISIS? This is absolute lunacy. If anything, she should be tried in a court of law for treason, sit in jail for whatever sentence she is given and be rehabilitated, and then be allowed to join society!

This direction of the Trudeau government is not about empathy and compassion. It is an absolutely irresponsible way to protect law abiding Canadians.

First of all, this means that Canadian citizens who left to be terrorists will now be walking the streets of Canada, endangering all Canadians.

But even more so, the Canadian government is establishing a double standard, and abrogating its responsibility to enforce the law.

Join a Muslim terrorist organization abroad, and no need to pay a price. But perpetrate any other crime, and you do have to pay a price.

Crazy, No?

Until this new policy direction of Canada is changed, we are extremely fearful for the physical well-being of Canadian citizens.

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