Caroline Glick “American Jewish Community Must Purge the (Leftist) Extremists From their Midst”

In a recent interview about the horrendous episode of Princeton Hillel disinviting Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely from speaking as a guest of Hillel, renown journalist Caroline Glick comes out forcefully against the leadership of major American Jewish organizations, and not just Hillel.

As Glick says in the video above “American Jewish leadership must act like the Saudis and purge the (leftist) radicals from their midst”.

What these Jewish leaders are ignoring is the fact that the main population being hurt by conservative Israeli voices being boycotted, is not Israel, but American Jewry themselves.

As Glick says in the full video interview “This is a problem for the American Jewish community first and foremost, and this is American Jews participating in this assault on their own civil rights. They are doing it by scapegoating Israeli Conservatives, and Israel in general. If they think this will enhance in any way, shape or form their freedom in the United States, I have a Brooklyn Bridge that I can sell them, because they are participating in their own subjugation by forces that wish them ill.”

While it is nice that Hillel apologized for this horrifying Princeton disinvite, it sounds like they are only covering up for this huge embarresment of disinviting an Israeli government official. What Hillel’s apology does not include, however, is also apologizing to Caroline Glick and other Israeli conservative voices who have been disinvited by Hillel in the past, including a disinvite to Caroline Glick herself just last year at Texas U in Austin.

As reported in November 2016 “Rabbi Moshe Trepp, a Jewish life educator at UT Austin’s Hillel and one of the main campus organizers of the event, told The Algemeiner that the student government was informed by Hillel that the reservation for the room in which Glick’s lecture was to take place was cancelled. Organizers are now attempting to find an alternative venue, either on or off campus, for her talk.

American and Israeli jewry should not let Hillel get away with their hollow apology. Something must change, and that change is as Glick states “to purge the (leftist) radicals from their leadership ranks”, because as Glick mentioned, they are only hurting American Jewry themselves.

As Glick ends her statement on this matter in the full interview “It’s terrible for Israel that this is going on. It’s good to have a strong, vibrant Jewish community in the United States. But all evidence points to the fact that in the next ten to twenty years we are not going to have a vibrant Jewish community in the United States. We should do everything we possibly can to turn this situation around to the extent that we are able to. But, if the American Jewish community, and their mainstream leadership, like the Federations that fund Hillel, don’t take real action to do like what the Saudis are doing, to purge the radicals from their leadership ranks and make a strong case on campuses, and in general, that Jews have civil rights and among those rights is the right to listen to whomever they want and that Israeli Jews are people too.”

We hope some sane leaders of US Jewry begin to listen, not for Israel’s sake, but for American Jewry’s sake.

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