Caroline Glick: Hillel Should be Ashamed of Itself. They are Harming American Jews, not Israel

Here is the transcript of the above video interview with Avi Abelow on this topic:

Priceton University is terrible. They should be ashamed of themselves. Hillel should be ashamed of itself. They have this policy of not supporting BDS, but Hillel supports silencing Caroline Glick, Tzipi Hotovely, and I would assume Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennet, and Gilad Erdan and maybe Bibi Netanyahu; everyone who opposes Palestinian statehood. That is almost every single Likud Minister and every Jewish Home Minister.

Are they saying that only Labor leader Avi Gabai can come and speak? but maybe not because he said that Jews shouldn’t be thrown out of their homes, and the American Jews want us to be thrown out of our homes? They (American Jewry) are becoming more extreme and they are operating a BDS against Israeli Conservatives, and that is the problem.

If Hillel was a place where Israeli Conservatives can come, and we are the majority of Israelis, then their whole conceit of being a home for Jews on campuses is a lie, because for Israeli Jews they are not (a home), and we make up the biggest Jewish community in the world!

If Tzipi Hotovely speaks at Princeton (Hillel) or doesn’t speak at Princeton (Hillel), is Israel impacted one way or another? No. Who is adversely impacted by a situation where Conservative Jewish voices, Israelis, can’t come to speak? Not to mention Conservative Jewish voices like Ben Shapiro who talks about things like abortion?

It’s the Jews who are harmed!

The real victims of BDS are not the Israelis. Yes, there are a few Israeli academics who are affected and it sucks for them. But the primary victims are the American Jewish community. And Hillel is contributing to this by participating with these academic commisars who are anti-semites, and they are part of that machine.

I’m glad in a way that it happened to Princeton, because maybe the fact that a high level Israeli government official was not allowed to speak at Hillel, maybe that will embarrass them enough to change their policies. I’m not holding my breath. But this is not an isolated incident by any means. This is a problem for the American Jewish community first and foremost and this is American Jews participating in this assault on their own civil rights. They are doing it by scapegoating Israeli Conservatives and Israel in general. If they think this will enhance in any way, shape or form their freedom in the United States, I have a Brooklyn Bridge that I can sell them, because they are participating in their own subjugation by forces that wish them ill.

It’s terrible for Israel that this is going on. It’s good to have a strong, vibrant Jewish community in the United States. But all evidence points to the fact that in the next ten to twenty years we are not going to have a vibrant Jewish community in the United States. We should do everything we possibly can to turn this situation around to the extent that we are able to. But, if the American Jewish community, and their mainstream leadership, like the Federations that fund Hillel, don’t take real action to do like what the Saudis are doing, to purge the radicals from their leadership ranks and make a strong case on campuses, and in general, that Jews have civil rights, and among those rights is the right to listen to whomever they want – and that Israeli Jews are people too.

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