Covert campus watchdog exposes rampant Anti-Semitism at University of Houston

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Do not remain silent as these vile anti-semites spread their anti-Israel vitriol across US college campuses.

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At Houston University, the group “Students for Justice in Palestine” is causing a lot of controversy. The

SJP group members across the USA have been known to attack Israel instead of actually promoting

palestinian rights. If they truly cared about palestinian rights, they would protest the PA and Hamas

and instead praise Israel. However, some of the SJP members are known to be antisemitic, and have

even praised Hitler. They make light of the Holocaust. The SJP group have lead public calls for

intifada. The intifada refers to violence against Israelis committed by palestinians terrorists,

including suicide bombings, rocket attacks, and murders. And SJP was calling for this. So this is not

an innocent college group. It consists of terror-supporting group members and they need to be stopped

before their protests for intifada actually carry out an intifada.

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What is SJP?

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is the primary student organization engaging in anti-Israel activity on North American campuses.

SJP was co-founded in 2001 at the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) by Professors Hatem Bazian and Snehal Shingavi.

Bazian served as president of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) while studying at San Francisco State University (SFSU) and headed the Muslim Students Association (MSA) while earning his M.A. at UC Berkeley. In 2004, while the second intifada was already winding down in Israel, he called for an intifada in the United States.

Shingavi, an activist tied to the International Socialist Organization (ISO), has been criticized for using his literature course as a vehicle for promoting anti-Israel propaganda.

SJP has grown to become the primary student movement advancing the Palestinian national agenda on North American campuses and is the primary force behind Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaigns at most schools.

SJP describes itself on its website as being against racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, classism, bigotry and anti-Semitism. The group’s focus, however, is almost entirely on its anti-Israel campaigns, including BDS resolutions, Israel-Apartheid initiatives, drives comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, mock checkpoints, “die-ins” and public rallies.

SJP is believed by many to be an outgrowth of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS), originally founded in Egypt in the 1950s and established at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in 1973.

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