Denver Broncos Player Visits Latest Gaza Terror Tunnel

Denver Broncos player, Chris Harris Jr. shared his thoughts after visiting the latest Gaza terror tunnel discovered in southern Israel.

America’s Voices for Israel

Harris came to Israel together with a few other NFL players, as guests of a program called America’s Voices in Israel.

America’s Voices in Israel organizes week-long missions to Israel for prominent American personalities who are influencers in their industries. Past groups have included leading journalists, prime-time media and Hollywood TV stars, as well as religious and political leaders in the Latino and African-American communities.

The goal is to show these people the real Israel, seeing the sites with their own eyes and meeting people who live the reality of Israel. All in order to give them a better grasp on our reality, beyond the superficial headlines.

Harris’ Thoughts

Upon visiting the Gaza terror tunnel, Harris remarked:

“In the US you hear about ISIS and a lot of terrorist groups, but you don’t really see how close it is. Here you come to Israel and it’s like right here around the corner, like next door neighbors. I think that is one thing that kind of changed my perspective on this, it’s right here, it’s knocking on the door, it’s so close.”

Harris continued:

“It was great to be able to learn about the country. It kind of changed my mindset going home. How blessed we are and things like that. It was definitely good to get this information, get this background on it. See how the regular civilians have to deal with. How the military has to deal with terrorist groups. I think it was pretty good to get all that information.”

In addition to visiting the Gaza terror tunnel, these NFL players have visited other other great Israeli sites, a special visit with the US Ambassador to Israel and they are expected to meet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu as well.

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