Discovery in Jerusalem just proved Biblical accounts

This stunning archaeological find has once again proved that the Bible is true. It is a docket, dating back

2,700 years to the time of the First Temple in Jerusalem. It has pictures of two people, and in ancient

Hebrew writing, it says, “For the governor of the city”. And the Bible clearly names some of those

governors. So here are the facts: A docket was found in the holy city of Jerusalem. It dates back to the

First Temple Times. It has Hebrew script about a governor. And the Bible names the city governors. This

proves hands down that the Bible is true. Some people will remain agnostic, others atheist. Everyone can

follow their own beliefs. What is not acceptable is when people lie about the history and destroy history.

Radical Muslims have destroyed many historical sites in the Middle East. They have lied about Jewish

history, attempting to deny ties to Israel and Jerusalem. Before Israel regained control of the Western

Wall in 1967, it had been used as a garbage dump. To this day arabs continue to bomb Joseph’s tomb.

The Bible is true. The history is true. The radical Muslims are destroyers of truth.

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