Don’t stop sharing this until every person who cares about children sees it

An ancient horrible tradition has just been revealed by National Geographic. A photo-journalist was working in Afghanistan when she discovered that young girls, often in their early teens, were forced to marry older men. Married life was harsh and threats were real, to the point that some of them attempted suicide rather than face their “husbands”. These women, once they became married, then drop out of school and have no female teachers. As such, they have little education. What a horrible society to be in, for women to be treated like this. Is the United Nations up in arms about this? Do they draft resolutions about this on a regular basis, branding such customs in muslim countries as barbaric and sexist? Do they devote significant time and resources to fix it? No. If only the United Nations would devote appropriate time and resources to dealing with it, those poor girls may have a better chance at living a normal life.

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