Don’t Stop Sharing this Until Every Person Who Cares About Women Sees it

It can’t be denied – Muslim woman are being horribly treated by Muslim culture, sometimes even resulting in murder. Some Muslim women are forced to undergo female genital mutilation. Some are killed, for the sake of family honor. However, a group of woman is speaking out. They are collecting stories, documenting, going what they can. It is critical to understand how woman are being mistreated. In one example, the woman says she informed her uncle, fathre od teeange girls, as to the trye pain of female genital mutilation. In another example, young woman, even teenagers, are arranged to be married with older Muslim men. These women are forced into a relationship that they are not ready for, and some would call this rape. The women must be allowed to finish schooling and given the real chance to back out of a marriage that they do not consent to.

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