“Elf Yourself” just got a whole lot better for Hanukkah 2017!

This mashup of Hanukkah songs is sure to get you dancing!

With all the popular classics, it’s sure to be a hit.

Many of the lyrics are familiar from our childhood, yet are now presented and a new catchy tune.

Additionally, the video has a fun and energetic dance team, sure to get you dancing to the beat.

As we start the Hanukkah season, we prepare for the festivities.

Many people have Hanukkah parties, or play Hanukkah music, or eat traditional foods such as potato pancakes (or levivot in Hebrew) and donuts (sufganiyot) in Hebrew, and many spin dreidels (sevivon in Hebrew).

The pancakes, made with oil, remind us of the miracle of oil during Hanukkah.

And the donuts, on which we say a blessing of mezonot, remind us of Jerusalem and altar from the Temple.

The dreidel is a game the Jewish children used to play when Greeks came to check if they were learning Torah.

The Jews would quickly switch to playing with the spinning top, thus escaping being caught.

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