Escape from Iran: One Jewish Man’s Harrowing Story

Jews have been living in Iran for centuries, however the current situation is grave. Iran had a civil war several years ago, and today is engaged in sponsoring terror activities around the world. It openly says it wants to destroy Israel. In Iran’s Islamic tradition, a Muslim man is worth twice that of a Muslim woman. So you can imagine that a Jew’s life has significantly less value. So when this Iranian Jewish man had the chance to escape Iran, he took it. It involved being smuggled out to other countries, and he finally made his way to the United States and settled in Los Angeles. He has since worked tirelessly on behalf on minorities in Iran, and translated documents from Farsi. This worked has helped many people, and the translations offer new insight. Hopefully Iran will stop persecuting minorities, stop supporting terrorism, and treat everyone equally, regardless of gender or religion.

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