Ex-ISIS wife reveals her harrowing story

In her teenage years, she began to embrace Islam, met an American jihadist and moved to Egypt, and then to Syria.

Together, they had four children.

One day, little boy brought home a grenade and she realized how crazy her life had become. She took her children back to the States, while her husband – an ISIS terrorist – remained in Syria.

She has not heard from him and does not know what happened to him.

Since coming back to the United States of America, she has the freedom to learn about things other than Islamic extremism.

She has repented about her radical Islamic past, and now hopes to help stop radical Islam.

She knows how easy it is to defeat their arguments, and so she will expose their way of thinking.

Was it worth it to embrace radical islam? No.

She lost ten years of her life.

Her children lost their father. And she lost the ability to think freely.

So if you know anyone who is a radical islam believer, show them this woman’s story.

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