Ex-Muslim who was sold as a child bride 3 times now fears Shariah is coming to Canada

This woman experienced the horrors of Islam first hand and ran away to Canada. And she sees what

Trudeau is doing. That’s why she is so afraid. There are many people who point out that Sharia law

is not compatible with democracy. Sharia law also curtails free speech. For example, if a person

commits blasphemy against Islam, then under Sharia law, possible punishments could include

imprisonment, fines, flogging, amputation, and even death. Sharia law also stops freedom of thought.

Leaving Islam is a sin and a person can be subject to the death penalty is they leave Islam.

Many people, such as this woman, state that Sharia law encourages domestic violence against women.

Some Islamic countries allow child marriages. In courts of Sharia law, a woman’s testimony is worth

half of a man’s. Sharia law allows for slavery, and Islamic law allows men to have sexual relations

with slaves. So, this woman has a lot to warn the public about. Are Canadians listening?

THE DANGER OF ISLAM as told by an ex-Muslim child bride who escaped her fate in the Islamic Republic of Iran

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