Famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld said WHAT about Israel??

Jerry Seinfeld was in Israel decades ago, working on a kibbutz and helping agriculture. But back then, he

was relatively unknown and spent a lot of time working with banana plants. Fast forward to today, when he

visited Israel again. This time, he didn’t work with banana trees. Instead he met with Israeli leaders,

toured the country, and met the people. Jerry says that Israelis are warm people, although at first he was

unsure what type of joke they would laugh at. Israel is a wonderful place to visit and to live. But more

than that, it’s the home of the Jewish nation. And when someone decides to come to Israel, whether to do

farm work or meet with leaders and tour Jerusalem, it isn’t merely a trip like any other: it’s coming home.

A home that goes back thousands of years, to the time of King David. Perhaps that’s why Jerry said the

people of Israel are warm – because he when he came home, he was embraced by his homeland and


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