Gad Elbaz just released a new music video that will blow your socks off

In an age where weddings have become laden with costly extras, an all new video starring Israeli icon Gad Elbaz puts the spotlight back on the pure, unadulterated joy that is at the essence of every marital celebration.

With music by Elbaz and Cecelia Margules, Keitzad is an energetic burst of whimsical exuberance, a celebration of the indescribable happiness that can barely be contained with the creation of yet another Jewish home. Set on the streets of Lod, Ketizad strips away all of finery and fluff that have somehow become de rigueur at weddings and captures the soul of every marriage with an infectious track and fabulous choreography that may just become the new craze in the Jewish wedding scene.

Lyrics By – Gad Elbaz
Move your hands and lift them to the sky
Move your feet and start to feel A live
Now we feel A live
Raise your head and Shake it Side to side
Pray to God they will soon will have a child Oh
Give them only light oh
And things will be alright
Bring them peace no fights
Oh Now we say Amen Tonight

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