Google’s shocking reaction to alternative views recently exposed

This former senior software engineer was employed at Google and realized something strange was happening – the culture of extreme political progressive correctness.

Google holds women-only events and gives mandatory training and differential treatment due to sexism.

But does unfair gender preference actually take place at Google? I

Is the extreme political correctness actually needed?

This Google-employed engineer claims that the programs actually create tension and preferential treatment.

The software engineer decided to research the topic.

He found that in fact, there were real differences between men and women.

They have different goals.

And the proof is backed up by many, many well-accredited research studies.

The engineer’s document then stated ways to better incorporate women into tech, and was indeed pro-diversity.

Yet the google head honchos disagreed. They fired him.

They already filter content, such as letting youtube restrict access to videos by moderates and conservatives.

The best thing Google can do is, in the engineer’s words, “don’t be evil.”

Let’s hope that’s true.

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