Hasidic women making serious waves

You may have heard about Hasidic Jews, and probably imagine long black coats, black hats, and beards.

But there’s a whole world that can be discovered in the Hasidic community. This woman was raised in

the community, long known for guidelines about how, and how not, men and women should mingle. So it

is somewhat surprising to hear of an all-women rock group! The group, known as Perl, only performs for

female audiences. They sing, play the guitar, violin, base, and keyboard. The response has been

overwhelmingly positive. So many women appreciate Perl. It is creating a a great atmosphere for women

who want to go to a concert. And it truly shows us that we can follow our dreams and achieve them, no

matter what. Perl deserves a round of applause for both their amazing talent, and being great role models.

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