Hillel Neuer just silenced the ENTIRE room with this booming speech

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch just destroyed every argument that claims Israel is an apartheid state.

Bringing the objective facts, he silences the entire room. After defending Israel, he showed just

how ridiculous the Muslim countries claims are.

How can Syria, Saudi Arabia, and other human rights abusing countries say Israel is an apartheid state?

How does the UN allow this? Countries which kill their own people are speaking out against the ONE

DEMOCRACY in the Middle East. Doesn’t that sound twisted?

Israel has 1.5 million Arabs living a life with full democratic rights, being doctors and lawyers, being part of

the parliament, and yet the countries speaking out against Israel have persecuted and expelled whatever

Jews used to be living there. As Neuer calls them out, he says “Where are your Jews?” He asks where the

REAL apartheid is.

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