‘Innovation: Africa’ came to small village in Uganda and were shocked with what they found

Most of us just think about rain as something that causes traffic jams. But we are surely forgetting that rain

is critical for our very survival. We need water to drink, to irrigate the land and give water to animals to

drink. This village in Africa is literally starving from lack of water. They don’t have access to running

water, there are no city water fountains, and there is no rain.

For survival, people are forced to eat leaves and drink blood from cows. The ones who suffer first are the

elders and the youth because they are extremely weak. Israeli group ‘Innovation: Africa’ is finishing the

drilling and construction in six villages, so 15,000 people will have access to clean water for the first

time. This Israeli group may be their only chance at survival. Hopefully the Israeli group will raise

enough funds to install the water pipes. It’s a great group, a great idea, and it’s saving lives.

Learn more here: http://innoafrica.org/karamoja.html

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