ISIS terrorist forgets where he planted IED. Instantly regrets it.

Ever forgot where you placed your keys? How about your glasses or wallet? That can be annoying. And if you actually lose something important and can’t find it, it can be quite frustrating. But nothing can prepare this ISIS terrorist. He planted an IED, and forgot where he placed it! As such devices are deadly by their nature, he knew he had to find it. So he carefully set out to find it. And he did find it, setting it off and suffering its blast. You might say it was karma. Because he chose the path of violence against innocent people. It would have been better if he chose a path of peace, of loving his neighbor, of helping others. Then, instead of planting bombs, he would be planting trees. Instead of committing murders, he would be greeting friends and having intellectual discussion with someone he disagreed with. But no. He chose the life of violence. Then he stepped right on to the IED. If only he had chosen a different path.

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