Israel sucks at being an “apartheid” state. Here is the proof.

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

If only people cared about the truth, life would be so much better, in all ways, but especially for anyone who cares about standing up for the truth about Israel.

How can Israel be an apartheid state if Arab Muslims are able to serve in Israeli Parliament? Seriously, how can intelligent people delude themselves into believing that the only true democratic country in the Middle East is an apartheid state?

There are so many examples of the “apartheid” lies against Israel. One of the best examples has to do with the leader of the leading anti-Israel movement called BDS – boycott, divestment, sanctions. The founder and leader of the BDS movement is Omar Barghouti, a palestinian Arab, who grew up in Egypt, lived in the USA, married an Israeli-Arab, moved to Israel and studied in Tel Aviv University. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this scenario? How can Israel be an apartheid state if he himself was able to study in an Israeli University.

So many anti-Israel activists, who pride themselves on being “smart”, ignore such basic facts about Israeli society that prove that Israel is NOT an apartheid state. Not only do Arab Muslims serve in Israel’s Parliament, they serve as judges in the court system, they serve as Police Officers in the Israeli police, they run Hospitals etc. The examples go on and on. Not only is Israeli NOT an apartheid state, but Israel is a much better country for Muslims to live in the Arab country versus the Muslim countries.

Everyone should join us in spreading the following true message: Israeli Muslims are the luckiest Muslims is the Middle East since Israel allows them freedoms, including men, women, gays etc., that they are not given in Muslim dominated countries.

In many Arab countries, being a minority means you have reduced rights. Being a religious minority is even worse, and if you’re a Jew in one of those countries you could be attacked or killed at any moment. So what can a religious muslim face in Israel? As Israel is a democracy and respects everyone, muslims are treated just like any other citizen. But is that really true? How far can this go? Can a muslim woman in a burka walk down the street? Can she walk near Jews? And what happens if she tries to get to the Western Wall? This woman went to go find out. And what she found is jaw-dropping!

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