Israeli Cabinet Minister calls for the rebuilding of The Temple on The Temple Mount

The First Temple, built by Solomon who was the son of King David, was a beautiful structure where Jews can to worship God. It was later destroyed in 586 BCE (Before the Common Era), and the Second Temple, or Second Beit Hamikdash, was built. It lasted until around 70 CE (Common Era) when it was destroyed. Despite the horrific loss, Jews never gave up hope, and know that the Temple will eventually be rebuilt. Everyday in prayer, Jews yearn for the rebuilding of the Temple. When rebuilt, it will allow for ritual purity. This can only be done with a red heifer and the Temple. Today, there are many people and craftsmen rebuilding items to be used in the Temple, as per blueprints and plans from the Bible. They are made according to the biblical specifications and ready for use when the Temple is rebuilt.

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