Israeli superstar Idan Raichel’s visit to IDF base produces breathtaking music

Idan Raichel is a popular Israeli musician, who also served in the Israeli Defense Forces. He knows how

important the IDF is, how its soldiers stand guard over Israel. And he knows that their service often

goes unrecognized. That’s why he decided to visit an IDF base. Idan took the opportunity to thank those

who defend us, to show them appreciation. And not only did he perform for them, he also performed with

them. They were able to sing with him and have a few minutes of relaxation. We are so thankful for the

young men and women who protect us. The least we can do is to say “thank you”. Some people do more

and send letters to soldiers, while other send their support in other ways. A lot of people support the

IDF soldiers by praying for their welfare and success. After all, the radical Islamic terrorists are

ruthless, and we need to support the IDF as much as we can. May God grant us strength as we defend

ourselves from the terrorists!

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