“Jingle Bells” has been totally remade for this year’s Christmas

Many people claim that after Nazism and Communism, Islam is the third totalitarian ideology that threatens humanity, even more dangerous since it is highly underestimated and even more deadly. Since they claim it is so dangerous, they know that it is important to raise public awareness about the danger. This video, with its comedic value, also carries a very important message. And that is that Islam can be dangerous. The song includes muslim-majority countries and describes some of the horrible actions that take place there. While some people may disagree with this video, others may agree with it and find that a song and video is able to explain world events much better than a book or news article can. Some people may prefer an informative video, while others may appreciate the song and graphics of this video, which make it more “user friendly”. After all, as radical Islam threatens the world, we have to be prepared and be aware of what they are doing.

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