Jon Voight gave a speech that crushed all the Palestinian lies

Jon Voight says what so many are afraid of saying – that palestinians are antisemitic and celebrate death, that they give out candies when innocent people are killed. They kill Jews, and they also kill their own children if they find that they are dating someone undesirable. Jon explains that palestinians want to stay victims in order to continue hate propaganda and incite others to kill more Jews. Jon also explains a basic historical truth – that Israel fully pulled out of Gaza, despite it being Jewish land. The palestinians there, instead of developing a paradise, used it as a terror base to attack Israel. So, Israel gave up Gaza and in return got bombarded by rockets. Jon states that the United States should stop its financial aid to the United Nations as long as it remains antisemitic. Jon states that palestinians value death and killing. The palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas, is a Holocaust denier.

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