Krav Maga expert defeats a knife-wielding Muslim terrorist

This krav maga expert witnessed a muslim terrorist attacking innocent people!

He immediately knew what to do.

Years of experience as an IDF soldier and training with the Krav Maga defense system had him well prepared.

He immediately chased the terrorist down the street and shouted at him, momentarily distracting him.

This gave him him enough time to kick him.

From then on, the tables were turned. The terrorist was now on the run.

The krav maga expert chased him into a store. Despite not having any weapon on him, he knew that anything can be used as a weapon.

He grabbed any object he could find to throw at the terrorist, then put him in a special hold and contained him until the terrorist passed out and could be arrested.

The victim was then treated. This event shows a powerful lesson: radical Muslim terrorists can be defeated.

We can defend our society and they will get punished by a court of justice.

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