Kyle Shideler breaks down President Trump’s possible moves in Jerusalem

A palestinian authority spokesman said that President Donald Trump outlined his intentions to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in a call with President Mahmoud Abbas.

The palestinians said that Abbas warned Trump in the call against the dangers of such a step and added that he would continue reaching out to world leaders in order to prevent it from happening.

Will the palestinian authority encourage more terror attacks as a result?

Whatever happens, historically Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and having recognition of this fact is a good thing.

However, we must remain diligent, in case Arab terrorists try to carry out mass terror attacks, as they have been planning and attempting for decades.

Palestinian Arabs seem to have quite a lot of planned “days of rage” when they carry out seemingly random acts of violence.

It would not be unexpected if they did commit acts of violence about the Jerusalem move.

In a more enlightened society, they would hold civil and respectful discourse to resolve disagreements.

Sadly, despite billions of dollars of aid and interventions from many governments, they are still not there yet.

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