Melanie Phillips Gets It! The West is Totally Wrong about the Arab/Muslim World

Melanie Phillips totally gets it. Until Western society realizes this truth about it’s “imperialist” mindset, the Muslim world will continue beating the West. The Arab/Muslim world is a different culture, and they are beating us because of the ego-centric belief of the West that the whole world is like us. It is not. And the Muslim world is playing the West like a fiddle, to the ultimate downfall of Western society, unless the West wakes up to this truth.

Transcript of the video:

“The problem with the West is that it is indeed colonialist,┬áit is indeed imperialist, but in terms of its mindset!

It (the West) thinks that everybody thinks like it. The West is so ego-centric, it thinks that everybody thinks like it. So everybody is susceptible to, appeals to their self-interest. Everybody basically tells the truth unless they are not telling the truth. There is a whole set of assumptions that are made about the rest of the world and they don’t understand how the Muslim and Arab world is much more subtle and much more sophisticated – in my view – about human behavior and motivation, and understands how really to play people against each other and how to speak out of both sides of your mouth simultaneously – and that is why the West is being outgunned and outplayed.

We have to understand the way the West sees the world is not the way the rest of the world sees it. We have to begin to understand that – yes – the world is different from us and that they are not all made in our image, and we are not the sun before which they all worship. They have a different perspective and we have to respect that and the way we respect that is that we understand it and the way we can really, really understand it is to take a leaf out of their book.”

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