Men in Jordan asked if they would allow their sisters to work, travel, or live alone

These men would not let their sister leave the house for work. Some claim it is an affront to their manhood.

Others claim it would insult their honor. Another Arab says that if his sister left the house to work, he

would kill her, and he has his male relatives give him the right to kill his sister.

This is not a joke. This is reality in large parts of the Arab world.

This mentality shows how paranoid they are. It shows that they deny basic rights to women. And it shows

just how easily they are willing to kill. Even if it’s their family. If you’ve ever wondered why the Arab

world is so messed up and stuck in the dark ages, this video is for you. If you’ve ever wondered why the

IDF has to always be on guard, this is for you. And if you support women’s rights and human rights, this is

for you.

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