Muslim man holding palestinian flag attacks Kosher restaurant in Amsterdam

Have you ever met a peaceful palestinian protester? Because this video shows yet again how they are violent.

They don’t debate topics, they smash and hit and punch and throw firebombs.

And this video shows another thing – anti-zionism is anti-semitism. The palestinian protester was angry about some event related to the state of Israel, yet his response was to attack a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam.

He targeted Jewish locations.

The assailant succeeded in smashing many windows and causing damage before police arrested him.

These people are violent and need to be stopped. What if the suspect decided to attack innocent people?

Jewish communities are rightfully on guard against violent palestinian protesters and radical islamic terrorism.

To set the record straight, this was not prompted by President Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital. The palestinian leadership has – for years – been inciting murder and calling for the destruction of Israel, instead of advocating for peace. It alone has led to this violence.

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