Muslim suicide bombers say what they think of 72 virgins in paradise

Why do so many muslims become terrorists and kill innocent people? These terrorists themselves explain.

It’s not Western ideas, it’s literally the true motive right from the terrorist. The explain that after they kill

people, and die in the process, they will go to heaven and get seventy-two virgins. How revolting is that.

They are so focused on getting their virgins that they are willing to die for it. (Of course we’re not going to

even mention that once a terrorist is dead, his rotting corpse can’t function that well in a physical

relationship anyways, but that’s not the point here.) It’s truly sickening what they will do for thought

of even meeting virgins. Another reason they explain is that they want to kill non-believers. In fact,

many Muslims celebrated when thousands of Americans were killed in the September 11 attacks.

Whatever their motives, it is truly horrifying that they are willing to kill so many people. Let’s

hope they embrace a new path of peace.

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