Newest female Israeli Air Force pilot gets big surprise…

She is super impressive. This young woman, Lior, just graduated Israel’s highly challenging Air Force course to become a pilot.

The course is competitive and difficult – only the best of the best complete it.

But she is not the first pilot in the Israeli Air Force.

In 1998, Shari became an F-18 navigator in the Israeli Air Force and in 2001, Roni became a fighter jet pilot.

The training course is very difficult, and only about one in nine cadets actually finish the course.

Lior has just completed the course and is getting ready for an interview.

But there is a surprise waiting for her – and this is one that she didn’t train for!

Lior’s grandmother is just so proud of her granddaughter.

And we can all sleep better at night, knowing that very dedicated, skilled and devoted young men and women are standing watch (or flying watch!) over Israel.

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