PM Netanyahu just revealed what Iran is really doing in the Middle East right now

PM Netanyahu: “I never imagined I’d say this…”

The Iranian terror regime has been sponsoring terrorism around the world, responsible for many acts of terror.

It has publicly been calling for the destruction of Israel and with nuclear weapons, would be able to carry out that threat.

However, it’s hatred of Israel has gone beyond the rhetoric and political arena, pervading even the sports arena.

Iran’s athletes are forbidden from competing against Israelis. So what happens if they are indeed scheduled to compete against each other?

As has happened many times, the Iranian athlete simply forfeits the match, rather than compete. What a sorry state of being. Sports and sportsmanship have nothing to do with the origin of whom one is competing against. The Iranian athletes have ruined a fun event by forfeiting, and also prevents themselves from advancing in the sport. In a free country, the athlete could compete against whomever, and good sportsmanship would not be derided by political leaders.

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