Putin Tells a Joke about an Israeli IDF Soldier

It seems that President Putin was not happy being asked all the questions on a panel. So he shows his displeasure by telling a joke about an IDF soldier.

As Putin knows very well, Israeli soldiers do not fight alone! The joke describes an Israeli soldier, in a sadly much-too-common situation – that of life and death, because an enemy army wants to kill him. The soldier explains his defensive actions against as aggressor, including a tank and warplane attack. The soldier promptly explains how he would defend himself. Then, in the joke, the IDF soldier is asked how he would defend himself against an onslaught by both tank and warplane. Of course, it is very difficult to survive such an attack. The soldier, instead of explaining a survival strategy, rhetorically responds, “am I the only soldier in the army?” The point is clear. There are many people on the speakers’ panel, yet Putin has, in his opinion, like the soldier, responded to many questions, and states that there too are other people that can respond.

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