She thought her microphone was turned off, what she said shocked the UN!

You have to wait until the 1:58 mark! Truth like this is very hard to come by in the UN…

The United Nations has led countless declarations and motions against Israel, decisions that are lies. They are anti-smetic and anti-Israel. What they say are pure lies. And what’s even worse, is that the United Nations could be using their time, energy, and resources in a much better way to help humanity. Instead, they focus on Israel. Israel is a shining light of human rights, morality, and freedoms. Yet instead of praising Israel, the United Nations blames Israel. Again and again and again. And people are beginning to notice how WRONG this is! One person who was exposed to a lot of this anti-Israel bias was a translator at the United Nations. She saw how backwards the United Nations is, and said something about it. What she didn’t realize was that her microphone was still on! Which makes you wonder, are there other United Nations employees that also realize the truth? Do they have the courage to say anything about it? Or will they remain silent? This translator deserves a lot of praise.

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