The Bike of the FUTURE (that everyone will have!)

This bicycle, made out of cardboard, is another great invention from Israel. Due its materials, its is lightweight and recyclable. It is also very inexpensive to produce, so it should be a popular item for people who cannot afford a traditional bicycle. This concept is something totally new and will take the bicycle industry by storm. Traditional bicycles are heavy, expensive, and not recyclable. So Mr. Gafni’s invention is something totally different. And as for strength? Understandably, people may be concerned how much weight the bicycle can carry. It can hold a maximum of 250 pounds. It is both fire and water resistant, and Mr. Gafni also has model for children in the works, and is working on a wheelchair out of cardboard as well. This invention, once it is made public, will benefit so many people and will help reduce pollution.

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