The Christian rock group’s song about Israel that is taking Facebook by storm

Muslim terrorists have launched thousands of rockets into Israel, with their murderous intent to push Israelis into the sea, or in other words, to get rid of Israelis. Despite this horrifying desire, the world largely remains silent, their moral compass pointing in the wrong direction. Thankfully, there are still good people who have a strong code of ethics, who know what is right and support Israel. This song, from a Christian music group, makes it clear that they support Israel against terrorism. The video is beautifully done, and the music has a wonderful message. It will surely help people realize that as terrorists fire rockets into Israel, and Israeli men, women and children run for their lives, that makes Israelis the victims and the muslem terrorists the attacks. This moral distinction must be made. It is simply wrong to lessen the difference, even worse to equate them, and absolutely a perversion to label the terrorists as victims. Thank you to this music group for having clarity of vision about terrorism and Israeli victims. It is a welcome breath of fresh air.

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